Lost Dog Reunited with Owner After Three Years Can’t Contain Her Excitement! [Video]

You realize that a door was accidentally left open, or perhaps the fence was a bit broken; you call your dog’s name but they don’t come running; you check the entire house, more than once, but your dog is nowhere to be found. Your heart sinks. Losing a dog is every dog owner’s worst nightmare. Sometimes a kind neighbor calls or even brings the dog back and sometimes you may be able to find your pup wandering around soon after. However, there are some cases of dogs getting way more lost than just venturing down the street.

The dog in this video was lost three years prior, but her owner never stopped looking. He finally found her in the shelter they had been staying at. This video shows their heartwarming reunion after three years of being apart! It took a few seconds, but as soon as the pup realizes who the man is, she wags her tail, whines, jumps, and hugs him! It’s obvious that this sweet girl recognizes her owner even after years apart. She couldn’t contain her happiness and neither could her owner. We’re so glad to know that these two finally got reunited. They have such a sweet reunion that truly demonstrates how strong the bond is between humans and their pets.


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