Sweet Dog Suffered With Huge Salivary Tumor For 6 Years, After His Owners Refused To Take him To Vet

Sweet Dog Suffered With Huge Salivary Tumor For 6 Years, After His Owners Refused To Take him To Vet

After his former owners ignored his huge salivary tumor for an incredible six years, a beautiful dog finally receives veterinary care. According to the long way rescue group, Jake was loved by his former family, but they did not take him to the doctor when his face began to swell.

“Jake has had a salivary tumor for six years, according to his owners, because they thought it was caused by a snake bite. He was bred as an indoor dog and is exceptionally well-behaved, toilet-trained, gets along well with other dogs, and even knows how to shake.”According to the organization

After Jake was discovered wandering in a remote area of Texas last week, the dog family began working to convince his family to own so Jake could receive the veterinary care he needed. Jake is being treated in Waco and has already felt great relief after draining a large amount of fluid. As reported by the organization.

We are grateful to the great staff of the Texas Animal Medical Center in Waco, where Dr. Leidy and his colleagues were treating Jake and draining 1200 cubic centimeters of salivary fluid from his neck. (Look at the last two shots to see how much difference they made!)



“For the first time in six years, Jake managed to turn his head. It was easy to achieve! He is eating and defecating properly, is in good spirits, and generally seems to be in good shape.”According to the agency

There are no assurances that Jake will fully recover, but sincere people are working tirelessly to give him the best possible chance. Facebook Facebook rescuers follow him on Facebook by clicking here.

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