Let’s give a round of applause to this two-year-old Great Dane who endured a 27-hour labor to give birth to 21 adorable puppies!

Dog lovers were left stunned when a Great Dane named Namine gave birth to an enormous litter of 21 puppies after a 27-hour labor.

The two-year-old canine, owned by Tanya Dubbs from Pocahontas, Virginia, exceeded all expectations when she successfully delivered such a large brood.

Despite anticipating a litter of “13 or 14” puppies, Tanya was amazed by Namine’s impressive delivery.

Namine, the Great Dane, went through a 27-hour long labor to give birth to her massive litter of 21 puppies. Regrettably, two of the newborns passed away soon after their birth.


In an interview with WWVA, Tanya shared that all of Namine’s puppies weighed over a pound except for two that weighed .94 and .98 ounces, respectively. The next day, all the puppies had gained between two to five ounces. Tanya had anticipated a large litter, but never imagined Namine would give birth to 21 puppies.

She initially thought Namine would have around 13 or 14 puppies, but after delivering 16, she knew there were more to come. Tanya recalled hearing a gush of fluid and realizing that Namine was giving birth to yet another puppy while they were sitting on the bed.

Once the puppies have been weaned from Namine, Tanya plans to sell them, and she will donate the first sale’s earnings to the Tazewell County Animal Shelter. The American Kennel Club recognizes Great Danes as one of the largest dog breeds, with an average weight of 99 to 200 pounds and a height of two to three feet.

The typical litter size for dogs ranges from one to 12 puppies, with larger breeds generally having more offspring. However, in 2004, a Neapolitan mastiff named Tia gave birth to 24 puppies, earning her the Guinness World Record for the largest litter.

Tanya also shared that Namine had an accident last year when she got out of the house and sustained injuries. The Great Dane suffered a torn eye and a scar on her side. Fortunately, Namine recovered from her injuries, and Tanya is grateful to have her beloved dog back home with her.

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