“She Looks Very Sickly!” A Newly Released Photo Shows Kate Middleton Looking Unrecognizable / Now I’ve Seen Everything

A recently released photo of the Prince and Princess of Wales, which had not been seen before, quickly sparked discussions among royal family fans. They believe Kate Middleton looks thin and unlike herself in the picture.

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On April 27, 2024, Duffryn Mawr Country House, a bed and breakfast in Wales, caused a stir among royal fans with a social media post. They shared a never-before-seen photo of the Prince and Princess of Wales, Kate and William, posing with the B&B’s staff. The caption revealed that the royal couple had stayed there for a night a year ago during their visit to The Brecon Beacons.

“It’s been 1 year since we welcomed William and Kate, the Prince and Princess of Wales, to Duffryn Mawr!” the bed and breakfast’s team captioned the post. “We were delighted to welcome William and Kate for a night here when they visited The Brecon Beacons. So kind and friendly, it was a pleasure to have them stay here.”


During their stay, the Prince and Princess took part in local activities and visited Dowlais Rugby Club to meet community members. Locals enjoyed pizza from the Little Dragon Pizza Van and a chat with the royals. Peter Morris, the pizza place owner, recalled how Kate asked if they made their own dough and shared that she and her children loved making their own.

The image showed the lovely royals wearing the same outfits they wore during their visit to Aberfan on April 28, 2023, suggesting they posed for the picture on the morning of their departure.


A publication shared a photo of the bed and breakfast on Facebook, and fans weren’t convinced it was Princess Catherine. One person commented, “That doesn’t look like Kate,” and another asked, “Is that Kate?” “Another doctored photo,” one wrote. Another added, “This picture doesn’t look like her! She looks very sickly in it for a year ago! Praying she is better soon.”

Meanwhile, someone else who saw the picture on Facebook thought it was the Princess of Wales but was worried, saying, “Kate looks so thin.” Another one wrote: “For some reason, this does not look like Kate, not to me anyway.”

Comments poured in, with some people saying things like, “Nothing like her,” and another noting the Princess didn’t look happy, writing, “Looking happy and being happy are two different things.”

However, there were more optimistic fans as well. One fan wrote, “I can’t wait till we see her out and about again. I just love her so much. Queen of all queens to be.”

Another person, commenting on the same photo on X (formerly known as Twitter), cryptically said, “This.Makes.It.Worse.” Another fan echoed this sentiment, noting, “This makes things look more suspicious. Just stop.” The skepticism from some royal fans stemmed from the fact that Princess Catherine hasn’t taken on any public duties this year.

Meanwhile, there has been some encouraging news about Kate’s health. Recently, an insider claimed that the princess might never return to her duties. “She may never come back in the role that people saw her in before. Her role may look very different. She’s looking at what it will shape into.”

However, the same sources state that the treatment is going well and Kate is recovering.

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Recently, people noticed another sign that the princess is feeling better. Prince William is planning to attend several matches at the tournament in Germany. His departure would be impossible if Kate were feeling unwell. Hopefully, this means she is indeed on the mend.

Another reason for outrage among royal family fans arose when a new portrait of the Princess of Wales was unveiled. People called it disrespectful.

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