Hilary Duff Became a Mom for the Fourth Time. She Always Let Her Kids Watch Her Give Birth / Now I’ve Seen Everything

36-year-old Hilary Duff became a mother of four children. She shared photos from her home birth, revealed the baby’s name, and talked about how her births go in a home setting.

Hilary Duff welcomed her 4th baby.

On May 3rd, Hilary Duff became a mother for the fourth time. She and her husband, Matthew Koma, welcomed their daughter Townes Meadow Bair. Duff shared on her Instagram, “Townes Meadow Bair, now we know why she made us wait so long… She was perfecting those Cheeks! I have been dreaming of holding you in my arms for months and the past 5 days of getting to know you, stare at you and smell you has been pure moments of magic. We all love you like you’ve been here all along, beauty.”

This time, the singer again opted for a home birth. She gave birth to her two daughters at home as well, in the presence of her husband and eldest son. Here’s what Hilary herself shares about such an experience.

It was a difficult decision for her to make.

Hilary Duff has been a strong supporter of home birth, choosing to welcome both her daughters, Banks and Mae, in the cozy setting of her home. What’s particularly remarkable is that Duff had her eldest son, Luca, by her side during the birth of his baby sister, Mae.

Duff’s choice to opt for a home birth was not taken lightly, and she recognized that it involved certain risks, necessitating thoughtful deliberation and preparation. Nevertheless, she believed that the advantages of having her loved ones there during such a significant event outweighed any possible drawbacks.

Duff aimed to educate her son about the wonder of giving birth.

Duff openly shared her affection for giving birth to her children in the familiar setting of her home. She humorously confessed, “It’s probably the most hippie thing about me to have my kids nearby during childbirth.” Yet, she found it to be a profoundly meaningful and beautiful experience for her entire family.

Having Luca there during the birth was significant for Duff, as it served as a valuable lesson about women’s resilience and the wonder of childbirth. “It was important for me because I believe in being transparent and showing him how incredible women are and what the birthing process entails,” Duff explained.

She emphasized that her son is well-informed about periods, highlighting the importance of normalizing such discussions for the benefit of all the women in his life. This shows that Duff is not just a caring mother, but also a strong advocate for women’s health and empowerment.

Hilary honestly talks about motherhood and shows the changes her body underwent after pregnancies. Here are other famous women who advocate for accepting your body in any case.

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