Guy Utters “Daddy Loves Ya” To Dog On Roadside And Gets Kisses

A couple, named Courtney and Russel, was driving down a quiet road in Georgia as if it were any other day. But then Russel suddenly tells his wife to stop the car. He sees a dog out of the corner of his eye all alone on the side of the road. Russel then gets out of the vehicle and makes his way over.


Source Screenshot: TheDodo – YouTube

The dog spots the kind man and comes barreling over. The pup, later named Romee, knows right away that this man was about to change her life. She jumps into his arms and the couple drives straight to the pet store to get her some food. The poor pup was starving and gulps down two bowlfuls.


Source Screenshot: TheDodo – YouTube

Russel and Courtney decide to take the pup home with them. It was fate that they found her! They knew they’d officially adopt her so long as she didn’t have a family waiting for her. The next day, they take Romee to the vet and it was clear, she’s officially with her forever family!

Romee’s story just gets better and better! She and Russel become inseparable and then her family gives her the best surprise ever! You must experience the uplifting story for yourself. It’s amazing!


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