Five Bernese Collies Dogs Seeking Home After Heartwarming Rescue

The journey of five timid Bernese Collie crosses at Many Tears Animal Rescue in South Wales has captivated the online community. Brought together by fate and fear, Dotty, Feebe, Larga, Jeans, and Lindor, have embarked on a brave new journey – a journey toward trust, love, and a forever home.

@manytearsanimalrescue Meet our 5 new angels ❤️ These five gorgeous 1 year old Bernese X Collies arrived with us today and are in desperate need of love and socialisation. They are terrified of the human touch and are yet to experience the very basics of a regular dogs life. We will introduce these dogs to a new world where there are gentle hands, kind words, good food and soft beds. The 5 will all require adult only homes and as they are so scared of humans and reliant on other dogs, they will also require at least one other resident dog in their new homes. All five are available for adoption on our website and go by the names of Dotty, Feebe, Larga, Jeans and Lindor. Navigate our important links and view our other socials: #DogRescues #rescuedogs #DogsOfTikTok #rescuedog #RescuedDogs #TikTokDogs #DogFoster #DogRescue #DogsRescue #FosterDogsUK #RescuingADog #DogShelter #tiktokrescuedogs #rescuedogoftiktok #rescue #dogrescueoftiktok #DogsTikTok #fyi #foryoupage #foryou ♬ Fix You – Coldplay


The quintet, scared and unaccustomed to human touch, came to the shelter in a state of apprehension. Yet, despite their fear, the resilience of these dogs is astonishing.

Given their reliance on each other for emotional comfort, the shelter seeks adult-only homes with at least one resident dog for these pups. Their socialization journey is paramount, and a gentle, understanding environment is the key to helping them conquer their fears.

The response to their story on TikTok has been overwhelming, with the video amassing over 440,000 views and stirring compassion amongst its viewers. Their first spa day, captured in the heartwarming video, serves as a beacon of hope, symbolizing their first step towards a brighter, safer future.

The circumstances of their past remain unknown, but the present is filled with the promise of love, care, and a warm bed. The journey to rehabilitation may be challenging, but with a supportive community behind them, Dotty, Feebe, Larga, Jeans, and Lindor are on the path to rediscovering the joy of a dog’s life.



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