Dog Runs Away From ‘Forever Home’ All Because He Missed His Foster Mom Too Much

It’s a very special moment when a dog finds its forever home. The formerly neglected and homeless pooch now has a house to call his own, as well as a family who loves him. It’s how dogs are meant to live, and what they all deserve. But Geoffrey, who had found his everlasting home, discovered that there was one problem: it wasn’t what he really desired. He missed and loved his foster mother too much, so he decided to take action.



Geoffrey fled. He wanted to be back in the care of his foster mother, so he decided to go and look for her. However, the tiny dog got lost along the way and was even hit by a car.



Geoffrey, on the other hand, kept going. Fortunately, his foster mother learned of the problem and began a search to discover her missing companion. And when she does come back, you don’t want to miss this reunion in the video below!


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