Dog Rescued From Shelter Rides Now In A Custom Sidecar On His Dad’s Motorcycle

One of the best things that could happen is seeing shelter dogs get adopted. The dream of any dog is to go to a forever home, where he can find the love and care they need.

Take this dog as an example. A dog called B.B was adopted from Manchester Animal Shelter by Michael Sexton before 7 years. Since being adopted, B.B and Sexton created a great bond together, they even ride in Michael’s motorcycle together.

The dog has her own custom sidecar and protective goggles! Sexton said that B.B has no problem wearing her customized sidecar, and knew when to put it on!

B.B is the 3rd dog he’s adopted and all of them have become his copilot! It is very great to see dog owners let their dogs participate with them in their own journeys! How great! Watch the video below.

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