Dog Found In The Woods Was Altered In A Way His Past Could Never Be Forgotten

Some hikers came across a big dog in the woods looking a little worse for wear. He was just lying there as skinny as could be, and when he got up, he had trouble walking. The poor boy was rescued and taken in by Naida Shelter, and it was there that his diagnosis shocked everyone…

Source/Image Screenshot Credit: Animal Shelter via YouTube Video


Taco suffered from a cerebellar injury as a result of an impact, he had bite marks all over his body, and all of his teeth were cut short. It was pretty obvious he was used as a hunting dog. The dog wasn’t used to lying on mattresses, so he took to the concrete floor. Taco would never walk normally again, but after lots of rehab and care, he got much better at it. And strolling along the beach really helped! He’s now in a place where he’ll never have to worry about being abused or abandoned again, and it’s a beautiful thing. 🙂

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