Couple Finds Their Lost Dog After She Jumped From Car Window During Crash

Duane and Stefanie Lindsay had a great day with Roo, their 3-year-old dog at the beach. But unfortunately, it did not end up very well as on their way home they had a bad car accident. While heading to El Dorado County, California, where they live, their car was crashed by another car going 105 kph.

Thankfully, the accident just caused big problem to the car, that flipped and landed upright, but after checking each other, they realized that their dog was not in the back seat! After seeing that the back window had been blown out, the couple was almost sure that their beloved dog died! However, Duane started crawling around looking for the dog while Stefanie called the ambulance for help.

While waiting for the ambulance, they searched the nearby grass and street but to no avail! Duane, whose head was bleeding, was moved to the hospital, while highway patrol and firefighters used thermal sensors to look for Roo by scanning the area. Doctors found that Duane had a fractured sternum, but Stefanie was totally fine. However, she was not able to stay with her husband because of the Coronavirus, so, she decided to go back to the area to search for Roo.

Despite not being able to find her, Stefanie refused to give up. She shared a post on social media about Roo in hopes that people would help her. Thankfully, someone shared a tip on Facebook, that let the couple to a neighborhood near them where they found Roo sitting under a tree.

Once Roo saw Stefanie, she started running to her. Fortunately, Roo was totally fine but she had soft tissue damage and road rash. What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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