Abandoned Dog Found With ‘free’ And ‘good Home Only’ Written On Body

A dog found with the words “free” and “good home only” written all over her body

A doggy plant in Ross County with the words” free,”and” good home only”will soon have a new home.

The doggy was left in a kennel and abandoned in a yard in Chillicothe, according to Ross County Humane Society, Brittany May.

The mongrel had writing all over her body, including” FREE,”and” GOOD HOME ONLY.”All written in his, her, their, etc. immortal marker.

A doggy launch in Ross County with the words” free,”and” good home only”will soon have a new home. (Courtesy of the Rose County Humane Society, May in Brittany).

May told us the canine is a womanish, lab- combination who’s around 5-6 months old.

A doggy launch in Ross County with the words” free,”and” good home only”will soon have a new home. ( Courtesy Ross County Humane Society, Brittany May)


The humane society have named the doggy Marvella, which means” prodigy.”

May added they’ve gotten consummate of the ceaseless marker off of the canine’s fur fleece. May posted the photographs of Marvella to her idiomatic Facebook courier, adding that who ever had done this to the canine had reached”a whole new degree of LOW!”


After all, she’ll be available for departing this Wednesday, If you’re interested in embracing Marvella.

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Happy birthday to her! A tear fell on the dog’s face as he finally received a birthday cake after 15 years.


For the elderly dog, whose loyal companionship had lasted for more than fifteen years, it was a significant event. It had supported its owner through the years, providing consolation, loyalty, and unending love. And now, on this special day, its owner made the decision to show appreciation and return that love by planning a birthday celebration unlike any other.


As preparations got under way, there was a buzz of excitement all around. To create a celebratory atmosphere, the owner picked decorations with care, including streamers and bright balloons. The wall was covered with a sizable banner that proudly said, “Happy Birthday, our dear companion!”


The dog observed the celebrations with its tail wagging wildly, expressing its pure joy and enthusiasm. It found it difficult to accept that this party was being held in honor of itself. The dog’s owner had gathered close friends and relatives who had seen the canine and its owner’s strong bond over the years.


Delicious snacks’ aroma drifted through the air, luring the dog as well as the visitors with its alluring scent. The proprietor had gone above and beyond to ensure that there was a spread of mouthwatering treats that catered to both canine and human taste buds. Delicious appetizers were placed on plates, and a cake decorated with dog goodies and a single candle took center stage.


When it was time to cut the cake, the gathering erupted in clapping and cheers. The dog basked in the warmth of the love lavished upon it while being surrounded by family and friends. It carefully touched the knife, a kind hand guiding its paw, signifying its involvement at this special event. In a wonderful gesture that reflected the relationship between the dog and its owner, the cake was divided and shared.


The dog enjoyed receiving all of the love and attention during the day. Hugs, belly rubs, and sincere words of gratitude were lavished upon it. Knowing that it had made a difference in the lives of others around it, just as they had had a significant impact on its own, it felt a great feeling of contentment.


Evening games and playful activities accompanied the celebration, which made everyone present smile and laugh. Even though it was older and moved more slowly, the dog participated fully in the celebrations and savored each priceless second. For a brief moment, the dog felt the weight of the years lift off its shoulders and be replaced with an overpowering sense of gladness and belonging. It was as if time had stopped.

The dog curled up at its owner’s feet as the celebration came to an end, feeling a deep sense of love and fulfillment. The intensity of its emotions was evident in the glistening tears of pure happiness in its eyes. It had waited 15 long years for this occasion—a celebration of its life—and it would always remember it.


In the end, it wasn’t simply a birthday party; it was a celebration of the unshakable love between a dog and its owner. It was a celebration of the steadfast love, loyalty, and joy that a cherished pet brings to our lives. It also served as a reminder to the elderly dog that its journey had been remarkable and that its presence mattered.


The puppy dozed off to slumber as darkness fell, protected by a cushion of affection and appreciation. It replayed the events of the day, the jokes, and the blissful moments that were experienced together. A smile spread across its snout as it did so, realizing that it had just celebrated a birthday party that was a monument to a lifetime of cherished memories.



Blind, Deaf Senior Dog Found in Good Health Just 28 Hours After Being Carried Off By a Hawk


This 16-year-old dog may be blind and deaf, but she still managed to survive being carried off by a hawk last week.

Porschia the toy poodle was snatched up by the bird-of-prey as she was sitting on her porch in Whitehall, Pennsylvania.

Porschia’s owner, Deborah Falcione, was frantic with worry over her dog’s disappearance. She spent hours searching the surrounding area—but to no avail. When the evening temperatures fell below freezing, she feared the worst.

Just 28 hours after Porschia was dognapped, however, Falcione was shocked to receive a call from the local veterinary clinic saying they had the senior pup in their care.

“I said, ‘That’s impossible.’ She could not have survived 28 hours in the bitter cold weather, in 10-degree weather,” Falcione told reporters in the interview below. “This is a 6-and-a-half-pound dog. She’s blind, she’s deaf, she’s 16 years old. I went down there, and sure enough, this is the dog.”

As it turns out, a neighbor had found Porschia after the hawk had dropped her into a nearby yard just four blocks away from Falcione’s house. Although the disabled dog was relatively lethargic in the clinic’s heating tank following her harrowing ordeal, she was in surprisingly good health.

“How she got away, I have no idea,” said Falcione. “How she survived it, I will never know. But I know one thing: By the grace of God, this dog is still alive.”

(WATCH the news coverage below) – Photo by KSEE News



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  1. What sad and inhumane person would do this to a poor selfless animal, whoever did this deserves a prison sentence, they are insane to treat a poor defenceless animal like this, they shouldn’t be ever allowed to keep pets again.
    They should be brought to justice in the courts and named and shamed on the news and in the papers with Photo’s showing who they are. It’s absolutely criminal what they have done to this poor dog.

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