A mother breaks into tears upon finding her dog starving after being stolen two years ago.

A mother breaks into tears upon finding her dog starving after being stolen two years ago.

In Ukraine, a dog was recently found wandering by volunteers at a shelter. They shared his story and some photos with the hope of reaching the community and finding him a new family. Against all odds, it was his former owner, who had lost track of her canine companion, who was able to find him. A miracle!

This dog had something special about him after all. Perhaps a different kind of soul that touched and moved many internet users. They shared a post extensively on social media in hopes of finding him a loving and welcoming family.

As the photo of the distressed dog began to gain traction on the internet, a woman reached out with a suspicion that the dog might be her own beloved pet that had been stolen from her backyard two years prior.

She was asked to come to see if the pooch can recognize her. We can see the reaction of the depressed dog when the woman was reaching him.

That’s a heartwarming and touching moment! It’s amazing how dogs can recognize their owners even after being separated for a long time. Their sense of smell and memory play a significant role in recognizing familiar scents and faces.

The reunion between the woman and Lord must have been incredibly emotional and filled with joy. Dogs often express their happiness and affection through licking and kissing, so Lord’s response of licking and showering her with kisses shows his overwhelming excitement and love for his long-lost owner.

Reunions like these highlight the deep bond that can form between humans and their dogs. It’s a testament to the loyalty and unconditional love that dogs can provide. Such stories of lost and found pets remind us of the incredible connections we can have with our animal companions.


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