Woman Wakes To Find An Unknown Dog On Her Patio Furniture That Refuses To Leave

Amy Haden woke up normally just like any other day, but she was surprised with an unexpected guest on her family’s patio in their backyard!

She was told by her daughter that there was a dog on the porch, she thought that it was one of their 2 dogs, but when she took a look, she found a strange, happy dog wagging his tail on the patio.

The dog made himself as if he was in his home! However, Amy’s family decided to search for the family of the dog to see if he had, but to no avail as no one of the neighbors recognized him, and he had no name tag or microchip!

The family spent one month in searching, Amy had become with a great solution, which was finding a permanent home for Walker, the dog, as he did not get along with her 2 pooches. And that’s what she did! What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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