Woman Opens Her Home to 97 Rescue Dogs to Protect Them From Hurricane Dorian



With Hurricane Dorian wrecking havoc on the Bahamas, dozens of dogs have been given food, safety, and shelter thanks to one compassionate woman.

Chella Phillips has taken 97 homeless and abandoned dogs into her Nassau home since the storm hit the island this week.

According to a series of Facebook posts, Phillips says that 79 of these dogs are staying in the massive master bedroom of her home—but as long as the pups are kept safe from the elements, she doesn’t mind sharing her living quarters.


“It has been insane since last night, pooping and peeing non-stop, but at least they are respecting my bed and nobody has dared to jump in,” wrote Phillips.

Though the island was subjected to flooding and Phillips has been working around the clock to keep the house dry, she says the dogs are safe.

Additionally, since Phillips launched a crowdfunding campaign to help finance her animal refuge, it has raised $73,000—which is more than three times her original goal.


This is not the first time that Phillips has shown compassion towards Bahamian canines. Over the course of the last 15 years, she has helped more than 1,000 homeless dogs on the islands and found homes for 200 dogs in the United States.

She now hopes that—as her story is shared across news outlets and social media—her posts will help get the rescued pups into loving forever homes.


“Watching a movie with cuddles on the couch is impossible when there are so many chores to be done,” she wrote on the crowdfunding page. “Each and every one should get their personal time to savor the feeling of being cherished. They all want nothing more than to love, and be loved; to feel safe and secure, with their basic needs met.

“I need you all for financial support to continue helping this island’s homeless, [but] just as importantly, I need your help to find forever homes for my babies.”

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