Jennifer Lopez caused controversy with her daring high-cut outfit revealing everything while performing

The renowned pop icon pre-recorded her captivating performance a few days prior to the live broadcast on NBC in the bustling city of New York. Dressed in an elegant ensemble, she donned a mesmerizing black dress adorned with sparkling gold and silver accents, accentuating her impeccably sculpted legs through strikingly bold waist-high slits.

Commanding the stage, Lopez mesmerized the audience with her uplifting Spanish-language tune. Joining her on stage were none other than Alexander Delgado and Randy Malcom Martinez, the dynamic duo from Cuba known as Gente de Zona, who contributed their remarkable talents to the single.

Lopez, who kicked off the Fireworks Spectacular with her famous song “Jenny From the Block,” shared an exciting update on Instagram following her performance. She announced that her latest hit, “Ni Tu Ni Yo,” is now available for download and streaming across all platforms.

Making a joyful homecoming to the iconic New York City on June 30, excitement filled the air as she prepared to captivate her audience at the splendid Hunters Point Park in the lively Long Island City. Alongside her was her dashing partner, Alex Rodriguez, a renowned former New York Yankees star. The 47-year-old pop sensation and her beloved partner were all set to create an unforgettable performance for their devoted fans.

After wrapping up her performance, the adorable duo was seen interlocking their fingers and leisurely wandering through the busy streets of New York City. Despite Lopez still flaunting her stunning black dress, the couple seemed lost in their own little world. Be sure to watch the video below to catch a glimpse of their eventful evening in the lively city.

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