Woman Notices Dog Outside An Abandoned Building And Finds Out She Is Not Alone

A call came to a well-experienced animal rescuer called Donna Lochmann about an abandoned dog living in an abandoned house all alone in St. Louis, US. She went directly to the house to help the dog, but she was surprised when she got there as the dog wasn’t alone!

Donna said that she found 2 other puppies, that seemed to be 7 weeks old with the mama dog! It was very easy to let the mama dog get in the car, but it wasn’t for her puppies! The puppies kept hide in a hole underneath believing that it was safer than contacting with a human!

So, Donna tried many times to grab the pups by putting her arm in the hole. Finally, she was able one of them, the other one tried to attack her arm with his teeth, but she was then able to get him out after putting on thick gloves.

The mama dog was named Pumpkin, and her puppies were named Stuckmeyer and Eckert. She then took them all to a veterinary clinic to be checked.

Thankfully, they were healthy, so, she sent them to foster homes. They are all now in good hands, and waiting for forever homes.

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