Senior Dog Finds ‘New Friend’ After Being Left at a Cat Shelter

It’s sad but true that older dogs are often left behind when their owners move to places that don’t allow pets. This isn’t fair to the dogs, who deserve better.

This is the story of Honey, a 15-year-old dog left at a place meant for cats, not dogs. Her owners didn’t try to find her a new home; instead, they abandoned her at Tabby Tails Cat Rescue in Ohio. Kay Banks, who works there, saw Honey wandering outside. Initially, Kay thought Honey might belong to someone nearby, but she had been left there on purpose.

Kay couldn’t believe someone would abandon such a sweet and elderly dog, especially in a place that wasn’t equipped to care for dogs. Determined to help Honey, Kay took her in and began the search for a loving home where she could spend her golden years in comfort. Despite the unfortunate start, Honey’s story is a testament to the kindness of strangers and the hope that there are always people willing to step in and provide the love and care every animal deserves.

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Kay noticed Honey’s gray hair and knew she was an old dog. She brought Honey inside and found out through her microchip that she had owners, but they didn’t want her back. Kay decided to take care of Honey herself.

Honey wasn’t in the best shape. She had arthritis, long nails, and some bugs bothering her. Kay got her the help she needed, like special treatments for her arthritis, which made it easier for Honey to walk and move around. Now, Honey lives happily with Kay. She spends her days enjoying her new friend’s company. Kay hopes to find someone who can adopt Honey, but until then, she’s happy to look after her.

Honey’s story shows us how important it is to be kind to older dogs. They need love and care just like younger dogs, especially when they get older.

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Honey update! She’s doing really well. Full of energy and goofiness. ❤️ #saved #dogs #dogrescue #dogsoftiktok

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