Tiny Puppy Chases Down Two Policemen And Begs Them To Adopt Him

In our time of need, it’s often policemen that run to our aid, like in this case. However, it wasn’t a person asking for assistance. Rather, it was a tiny lost puppy that knew where to turn when he needed help.

This small pupper was wandering the streets of Los Angeles when he saw two police officers walking down the sidewalk. Apparently, the pup knew he needed immediate assistance because he ran on his four tiny legs up to the officer’s feet.

LAPD Hollywood Division

Officer Taverna and Officer Mercado looked down at the pup and immediately took pity on him. Knowing there was no way such a young dog would survive for long on his own, they scooped him up and took him back to the station.

Well, that ride in the car set the course for the pup’s little life because as they rode along, he started bonding with Officer Mercado by snuggling into his legs, surely knowing he was finally safe.

LAPD Hollywood Division

Once at the station, the officers named the puppy Hobart, after the street they found him on. They also made him an honorary K-9. All the officers loved Hobart but it was Officer Mercado that Hobart had eyes for.

LAPD Hollywood Division

Granting him his wish, Officer Mercado adopted Hobart and gave him his forever home. The two are now very happy together and their story that was shared by the LAPD on Twitter as gotten a lot of happy attention.

LAPD Hollywood Division

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