Tiny Kitten Recovers From Mystery Illness And Finds Its Forever Home

Meet Dollie, a munchkin kitten, who had a normal life for the first four months in her life, but everything changed when she started feeling very ill! It was a mysterious illness that no one knew what was the reason!

MSPCA aka (the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) said that the kitten was not just acting normally, but there were no known symptoms at first! But when some of her body’s parts like ears, legs, and tail, started to stop essentially, they knew that the illness was very serious!

So, the kitten was surrendered to MSPCA by her family as they did not know what to do! The kitten was on the verge of death, but when Dr. Meagan Painter, a dermatology specialist, examined the cat, she knew her illness, which was ischemic dermatopathy.

Some sensitive areas are tissue died due to this illness! So, in order to treat the kitten, one of her legs and her tail had to be amputated! The cat passed the dangerous situation, but the next difficult thing was to find a forever home for her! And that was not that difficult as Dollie recently went into a forever home! How amazing!

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