The driver lost his humanity dragging the poor dog to death on the street.nam

Yesterday, a clip recorded the image of a poor, small white dog tied with a rope to an SUV and dragged on the street in Shandong province, China made people here extremely indignant.

The shocking clip begins with the small dog trying to break free from the rope, but completely failing. Then he was dragged all the way, while the SUV sped faster and faster. This close 4-legged animal friend of man could not keep up with the speed of the car, so he slipped and fell on the road.

The whole small body rubbed on the road with pain and just a short time later, because he could not stand that brutal torture, the dog died right on the highway.


The bystanders are also extremely indignant witnesses to the driver’s actions. They stopped the car, dragged him out of the driver’s seat and beat him up.


The police were immediately present to settle the matter. SWAT forces also arrived on the scene to prevent acts of violence that could be pushed up. The man and his car are receiving tons of bricks and stones from netizens in this country.

All critics agree that he should have been arrested and brought to court. Many netizens also left comments “I will tie that driver’s hand to the back of my car to drag him on the highway.”, “It’s best not to let Chinese people have dogs anymore”, “The law of cause and effect will love him soon, animal abuse never has a happy ending!”..

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