Despite his rare birth defect, Cooper is doing great with his loving family, despite being born at a puppy mill.


It doesn’t matter what kind of dog you have, all dogs deserve a good, loving home – even those with unusual looks. There was one strange dog born without a neck and half a spine, who struggled but found the perfect family.

“Short spine syndrome” is a genetic condition that fused and compressed Cooper’s vertebrae together. In the world, there are only 30 dogs with the condition, according to Daily Mail.According to owner Elly Keegan, “[his spine] is fused in two places – on his neck and on his rear.” To look behind him, he has to turn his whole body.

The unusual-looking dog had a difficult early life. Given his birth deformity, he most likely came from a puppy farm near Halifax, Virginia. He probably developed his impairment as a result of puppy mill inbreeding.


He was sent to Secondhand Hounds, a shelter in Minnetonka, Minnesota, after being discovered by rescuers in 2017. He was initially placed in a home, but since he liked to pursue their cats, things didn’t work out there either.

Cooper’s condition has improved in other areas though. Despite having his “butt on his back” due to a birth abnormality, Elly claims that a surgery has made it simpler for him to use the restroom alone.


Cooper, according to Elly, is the “happiest dog” in spite of everything, and people are always pleased to see him.

Everywhere he goes, he attracts attention, but he actually enjoys it. Elly told Daily Mail that he has a large Facebook following. He is such an outgoing dog.

Even dogs with unique requirements or who appear a little odd should be loved and cared for. We’re so happy that Cooper finally has the ideal home to love him for who he is.


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