Stray Cat Wants To Say Thank You By Cuddling The Nurse During Long Shift

People started respecting healthcare workers more after the COVID-19 pandemic. Nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers have worked for many hours while most of us were in quarantine for many months. Actually, it was not just people who noticed the heroism of the healthcare workers as animals did too, and this story proves that perfectly.

In September 2020, a man called Ahmed Flaty, who was having a training to be a nurse at an Egyptian hospital, decided to take a short break to have a little rest and a short conversation with a friend. But Ahmed was greeted by a stray cat, that seemed to notice how tired he was. The cat jumped into his lap to sleep there.

He added that the cat spent 20 mins resting in his arms. The cat hello and greeting moved Ahmed as he knew that it was an encouragement to continue his long shift. Ahmed said that for almost 3 weeks straight, he’d been on 12-hour shift, and he was in a desperate need of what the cat did. How awesome!

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