Squirrel’s Infatuated With Lab, Comes To Window Every Day To Win Him Over

A beautiful dog named Oliver developed a special bond with an unlikely friend. Oliver’s mom Tricia is floored by their connection. The wild squirrel, Tricia named Helen, visits Oliver every day and sits by the window closest to Oliver’s favorite chair. She’s totally obsessed with the pup!


It took Oliver some time to warm up to Helen, but now he loves her with all of his doggy heart! If Helen doesn’t show up, Oliver looks for her. If she doesn’t show up for an extended period of time, he worries and stands at the window for hours waiting for his best mate. Thankfully, Helen always comes back.


One day, Helen brought her baby to the window to meet Oliver. She’s so proud to be friends with such an awesome dog! When Tricia walks Oliver, and Helen is nearby, she excitedly runs towards him. Their relationship is still going strong five years later!


Tricia writes songs about animals and created the cutest tune for the pair. Wait until you hear it! This video is proof that love knows no boundaries. Get ready to fall in love with Helen and Oliver ❤️

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