Shelter Employees Makes A Photo Session For Unwanted Puppy, Never Lose Faith

This story speaks about a German Shepherd called Bruno, who was found on the streets of Texas, US, eating the leftovers of people’s food along with 2 other German Shepherds. Sadly, despite being the best dog, Bruno has not been adopted yet, while the 2 other dogs have been adopted.

The animal rescue organization, This is Houston, that found them said that all the staff is surprised why Bruno has not been adopted yet as he is very nice and friendly. He was treated for his injuries and wounds while being at the shelter. He has been healthy for so long, but no one showed interests in adopting him.

In addition to his great look, Bruno is doing great with kids and other animals! He still has life live despite looking big. Committing to find a forever home for him, the shelter did a special Halloween photo session for Bruno to motivate people to see him, and maybe adopt him.

Bruno really deserves a second chance in life as he is very good pet. Everyone met him fell in love with him as he knows nothing but to be friendly and lovely. We hope that he will find his forever home soon.

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