Rescue Dog Waits Outside Every Day For Her Dad To Come Home

Sadie is a rescue dog that loves her dad so much that she spends most of her afternoon waiting on the driveway for him to come back from his job.

Every day around 3 O’clock, Sadie knows it’s almost time for her beloved dad to come home, so she just goes to her preferred spot on the driveway and waits patiently.

She is out there from about 3 to 5:30 p.m., waiting to see her dad’s truck to pull up into the driveway.

Even in the winter, if it’s nice outside, you can guarantee you will see little Sadie waiting for her dad. But, if it is too cold, she still waits for him inside the house by the window, which overlooks the driveway.

dog waiting on driveway his owner
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“When she sees his truck, she just starts prancing around, and she takes off running,” Sara, Sadie’s mom, told The Dodo.

She gets so excited that she can’t help herself but happily run around the house. When her dad backs up in the driveway, she then goes to meet him.



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“She’s always bringing her toys and trying to egg me on to play with her,” said Tim, Sadie’s dad.

When Sadie sees her dad, she’s happy, and you can see it. 

Tim rescued Sadie from a mine site he was working on, which is probably why she loves him so much. He is her savior, and this is her own way of thanking him for saving her life.

Tim works as a mine inspector, and he would see this sad abandoned dog every day at this particular place. “She was always at the guard check,” he said.

“One day, she showed her teeth and smiled. I just got out of my truck, walked to the pasture, started to open the door, and said, ‘Get in’,” Tim said.

dog standing on the lawn in the yard
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Although Sadie was very skittish towards people, she just happily obeyed his orders, hopped in the truck, and ever since, has been a very loved part of the family.

“She’s with me the whole time I’m outside. She’s by my side, running around,” Tim described.

Sadie just wants to be next to her daddy whenever it’s possible.

Sadie now has two furry brothers, an older Chocolate Lab who gets along with everybody, and a little Dachshund dog who pretty much doesn’t like anybody.

three dogs playing together on the grass
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Both Sadie and Alex, the wiener dog, love to fetch, but they don’t like to share their balls. It’s funny how they react to their balls sometimes.

“Alex will see Sadie’s ball laying out on the yard, and he will get it just to kind of be a jerk,” Sara said, trying to describe their relationship.

Sadie is the only one who waits religiously for her dad to come home from work, and she has been doing it for almost two years. 

I’m sure that as long as the two of them are healthy and alive, Sadie will continue with her adorable ritual. It’s those little things that make dogs so loveable and special.


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