Rescue Dog Scared Of Men Lets New Dad Hold Him, And His Fear Melts Away

Rescue dogs make the best dogs! Sure, they come with their own backstory, and their past is often heartbreaking. But once they are welcomed into a home, their appreciation for their new family is beyond compare.



A kind woman adopted a beautiful pup from the shelter. She instantly fell in love with him but was told by volunteers that he was petrified of men. She apprehensively went through with the adoption anyway and prayed he would accept her boyfriend.



Her trepidation disappeared when the pup and his new dad met. Even though he cowered when men came near him before, his new dad had found a way into his heart. He now eagerly waits at the door for his dad to come home from work. He relishes in Dad’s belly rubs. And when his dad holds him, every fear he has ever known melts away. You can’t miss this one folks. It is just too precious!

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