Puppy At Shelter Tries To Comfort Her Sister With A Hug After Being Rescued

A call came to Animal Charity of Ohio about a dog family, that was in desperate need for help. So, the operations director, Jane MacMurchy, and her team directly went to the scene for help. When they arrived, they were completely shocked to see 3 helpless dogs knowing nothing about what they could they do.

The truth was that the dogs, who’ve living in filth, had owners, but they didn’t take care of them. So, the rescuers talked to them and were able to convince them to surrender the 2 young puppies, Layla and Peaches, and Lady, their 7-year-old mom. So, the dogs were directly taken for a checkup in a veterinary clinic, where they found that they were generally health but had problems in social skills and confidence.

Unfortunately, the pups did not know what to do when Lady wasn’t around, so, they just hugged each other to feel comfortable. As their mama was being medically checked up and vaccinated, the puppies latched onto each other as they were very scared.

Thankfully, Mac Murchy did her best to let the puppies feel confident again, but when their mama is around them, they are more confident.

So, she started working with them all as individuals and as a group. Thankfully, their confidence started growing up directly, but they still need a little bit longer in socialization. Once they are completely ready to go for a forever home, they will be available for adoption.

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