Postman Makes Sure Dog Will Get A Letter Everyday, Even If There Isn’t Any Mail

Mail workers always see pets during delivering mails to people, and usually they created strong bonds with some of these pets. And that’s what happened with Martin Studer, who created a great bond with one dog called Pippa.

Studer delivers mails to Pippa’s family regularly, and he is so happy to see Pippa there. However, when there is no mail for Pippa’s family, Studer makes sure to give Pippa a daily letter to see her.

Studer shared his story with Pippa online, and it directly went viral as people were heartwarming after seeing the great bond between the mailman and the dog.

Pippa waits for Studer patiently to get her letter, and she is very appreciative every time she gets a letter! How awesome!

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