‘Mystery’ Driver Makes Special Delivery When He Carries Lost Dog Back Home

The Menzies were out of town for the day when their beloved dog Catcher ran away. A contractor working on the family home went to lunch and accidentally didn’t shut the door tightly. A gush of wind blew the door open, and the cherished Golden Retriever escaped.



A FedEx driver was making his rounds when he saw Catcher walking down the street alone. The man stopped, exited his truck, and looked at Catcher’s collar. Thankfully his address was on the tag. The delivery driver then picked Catcher up and hand-carried him back to his house.


The door was still open. The driver placed Catcher inside and closed the door behind him, making sure it was closed properly this time. The Menzies saw Catcher’s escape and return on their doorbell camera app and were floored by the man’s actions.

The Menzies posted the story and a giant “thank you” on the FedEx Twitter page, but the man has yet to be identified. The unnamed hero actually stopped his route which is closely timed to help a dog and family in need. Bravo!

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