Mother Horse Lost Her Baby, Then Adopts An Orphaned Foal

Mothers are always being mothers, no matter they are animals or humans. The instinct of any mother is universal and they’re known as the most nurturing and loving creatures on earth, as they are willing to do what they can just to keep their kids happy and safe.

In The Netherlands, Queen Uniek, a Friesian female horse, was expecting a baby. Sadly, the vets and her owner could tell something was very wrong when she eventually went into labor. The horse started running in circle and behaved strangely!

However, the vets did their best helping Queen Uniek when it was time for her foal to be born but unfortunately, they weren’t able to save it as it wasn’t breathing. Sadly, the grieving mama came closer and starting licking and sniffing her lost baby, but no avail.

Yvonne, Uniek’s owner, did not leave his horse’s side and started comforting and calming her in the best way ever as she knew that her horse had an idea that her foal died, which left her heartbroken. Yvonne then knew that a miracle should happen to let Uniek be in a good mood.

That’s when she received a call from her friend, who is also a farmer, to tell her that there was an orphaned foal in their barn. While Yvonne’s horse was still longing for her foal, and her friend’s foal was in desperate need of a mama, Yvonne decided to get her friend’s foal to Uniek to see if she’d accepted.

When Uniek saw the foal for the first time, she was somehow tentative. But after sniffing him, she started dancing as she knew that her hear would be warmed again. What a happy ending for Uniek and the baby foal! Watch the video below.

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