Meet The Majestic Black Forest Horse Of Germany Who Melts Hearts Of Millions

This story speaks about an endangered horse type called black forest horses, that live in Germany. The moment you see these horses, you will fall in love with them as they have deep chestnut coat with a thick golden mane.

This horse breed, that is native to southwest of Germany, is now endangered as they were being used for more than 6 hundred years by people. The Black Forest Horses are capable, strong, and robust, but they are not as powerful as big other horses.

The Black Forest Horse stallions can reach up to sixteen hands, while mares can reach up to 15.5 hands. However, The Black Forest Horse’s weight is usually between 1,250-1,400 pounds.

These horses have also other names like Saint Märgener, Wälder Horse, Schwarzwälder Kaltblut, and Schwarzwälder Füchs. According to report, there only 1,077 mares and 88 stallions recorded in the population in 2017.

This means that people should take care of this breed of horse as they are very special to avoid their extinction. Watch the video below.

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