Man Takes Out $6 Million Super Bowl Spot To Thank Vet For Saving His Dog

WeatherTech CEO David MacNeil owes it all to the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine, and he’s showing his thanks with a 30-second Super Bowl commercial (back in 2020) which cost him $5.5 million. His dog, Scout, had a cancerous tumor at the base of his heart which was restricting blood flow, and vets gave him a one-percent chance of survival. That’s when the dog was transferred to the University of Wisconsin.

Source (Screenshot) credit: WeatherTech via YouTube


David was going to do everything possible to save his buddy, and he got his dog in the right hands. Scout went through radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy which shrunk the tumor and helped prevent it from coming back. The commercial, “Lucky Dog,” is narrated by Scout and shows him on the UV machine that saved his life. Get a first look at it below:


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