Man Causes Stir In Street While Carrying His Dog Behind Him On Bicycle As Moving Around

Having pets means that you should do whatever that can make them convenient and happy. One particular dog owner knows exactly how to make his dog happy, and always does that. Actually, dogs can learn almost everything as they are really smart, but this dog learns something very different, which is riding a bike!

You can see in the video below, that went viral on TikTok, a dog owner riding his bike with his dog sitting behind him! It is obvious that the dog knows how to ride it as he holds his owner with 2 legs!

It is a popular activity in some areas as many people take their dogs for a ride on bikes. But what makes this particular video very famous was the way the dog holding the man, and his happy face. Actually it is an alternative way to take your dogs for walks. How great! Watch the video below.

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