Love Beyond Death: The Dog Who Finds Comfort in Visiting His Owner’s Grave Daily Since 2014. rr1

This loyal dog has visited his owner’s grave every day since his death in 2014

If you possess a dog, you will understand why it is said that dogs are man’s best friend. They are devoted and attentive to their owners, much as this dog that visits the cemetery of his owner who passed away unexpectedly and has been grieving ever since.

Zozo is a dog who was devoted to his owner, a Turkish man named Smail Ztürk, who passed away in February 2014. The man passed away unexpectedly, and his loss crushed the entire family.

The dog suffered the most because he had been depressed for the previous two years following the death of his best friend.

They searched everywhere one day for Zozo because he wasn’t at home and eventually discovered him at his human’s tomb; the two were inseparable.

Since that time, Smail’s tomb, which is close to the family home, has been visited daily by Zozo and Zafer Ztürk, the deceased’s son. And every day Zozo sleeps on top of the grave, heartbroken and absolutely unconsolable.

Zafer’s heart bleeds every time he sees Zozo laying in the grave since it appears that he is really anxious to be near to his human.

But according to Zafer, Zozo wouldn’t want it any other way

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