Girl Rescues Blue-Eyed Puppy, New Owner Throws Him Over Shelter’s Wall

When a young woman living in Albania found a small, helpless puppy on the side of the road, she had no idea that their lives would become forever intertwined. The woman, who was in Albania playing soccer, took the puppy, named Blue, to a local shelter. The shelter asked her if she could foster Blue until he found his forever home.



After a few weeks, Blue was adopted, and the woman left Albania with a heavy heart. She was sad to leave him behind but happy that he was safe and off the streets. However, Blue’s new family didn’t want him anymore and threw him over the wall at the shelter. The woman knew that Blue needed to come home with her, and so began the long process of bringing him to Hawaii.


For months, the woman tried to find a way to get Blue to Hawaii. She needed a flight volunteer, someone who would travel with Blue from Albania to Kosovo and then on to Hawaii. Finally, she found someone willing to help, and Blue was on his way.

When Blue arrived, the woman couldn’t believe he was finally there. She cried joyfully as she opened his crate, and Blue was ecstatic to see her. It was as if he knew he was finally home. Since his arrival, Blue has been the best boy ever. He has adapted well, showing no signs of stress or being overwhelmed. He has been a wonderful addition, and everyone who knows their story agrees that Blue was always meant to be with her.



This heartwarming tale of love and determination shows that sometimes, our furry friends are destined to be a part of our lives, no matter the distance or obstacles that stand in the way. Blue’s journey from an abandoned puppy in Albania to a beloved family member in Hawaii is a testament to the power of love and the unbreakable bond between humans and their pets.


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