‘Enraged’ Man Heard Rumor About Puppy Living In Birdcage, Drove Over Fuming

A puppy was found living in a birdcage, according to the organization Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac. It sounded odd and unjustified. Could this be true? They weren’t sure, but they had to find out for sure. The rescuers got into their car and drove out to the address provided by the caller. They pulled up outside of the run-down home, and the rescuers proceeded up the driveway. In the yard stood a huge blue birdcage that shocked them!

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A tiny puppy was trapped inside the cage, crying for release. She rejoiced to the rescuers as if she understood that this might be her chance to be set free. One of the men bangs on the door, but no one responds. He approaches the puppy more closely.

Because the birdcage is exposed and she is not protected from inclement weather, they are legally permitted to capture her. The man opened the birdcage door and lifts her up. She’s so tiny! She’s barely a month old! This dog owner was a real monster. Mini is eager to go to a nice place where people will love and care for her.


Image/Story Source Credit:YouTube Video


Mini is rescued, and the rescuers make a phone call to arrange for her foster placement. She is quickly placed in a loving environment where she’ll never be imprisoned again. This story and luckily, happy rescue should serve as a reminder that animal cruelty exists in all walks of life. If you notice something wrong, please notify authorities immediately. Call your local authorities and let them know what’s going on, and they’ll be able to assist you. We’re ecstatic about Mini’s future prospects. She will have an incredible life ahead of her!

Image/Story Source Credit:YouTube Video


Please watch Mini’s rescue below and how what could have been an even longer and awful life with the conditions turned out to end on a happy note!


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