Dad’s Shoulder, Even Though She’s All Grown Up Now

Dad’s Shoulder, Even Though She’s All Grown Up Now

When Bobby and Danni Keane, a loving couple from Maryland, made the decision to adopt a pregnant pit bull, they knew they were embarking on a journey that would profoundly change their lives. The couple had always been animal lovers, and when they learned about the pit bull in need, they couldn’t turn away. With the dog just a week away from giving birth, Bobby and Danni knew they were in for a big responsibility, but they felt they had to step in to give the mother and her soon-to-arrive puppies a fighting chance.


Their dedication and compassion were soon rewarded when, just a week later, the pit bull mother delivered a large litter of twelve adorable puppies in their cozy Maryland home. The sight of the tiny, wiggling puppies filled the couple’s hearts with joy, but they were well aware of the monumental task that lay ahead. Taking care of one dog can be challenging, but raising a dozen puppies along with their mother was a true test of their resolve and love for animals.

Initially, Bobby and Danni planned to find homes for all of the puppies. They had intended to foster the little family until suitable forever homes could be found for each puppy. However, as the puppies grew, it became clear that some of them were simply too irresistible to let go. Among the litter, two puppies, in particular, stood out to Bobby and Danni—Norman and Annabelle. These two quickly became inseparable best friends and made a lasting impression on the couple.


As is often the case, little boys tend to bond with their mothers, while little girls become daddy’s girls. Norman developed a close connection with Danni and her daughter, while Annabelle chose a different family member for her special bond. From the tender age of three weeks, Annabelle formed a unique connection with her human dad, Bobby. One night, after an exhausting day of play, Annabelle climbed onto Bobby’s shoulder and fell asleep. This simple, sweet moment marked the beginning of a cherished routine—Bobby’s shoulder quickly became Annabelle’s favorite napping spot.

As the weeks turned into months, Annabelle continued to grow, and so did her love for her dad’s shoulder as a resting place. The once tiny puppy grew into a large, affectionate pit bull, but her favorite spot remained the same. Despite her size, Annabelle still loved nothing more than curling up on Bobby’s shoulder for a nap, showcasing the unique bond they shared.


The heartwarming story of Bobby, Danni, and their pit bull family became a testament to the power of love and dedication in animal rescue. The Keanes’ decision to adopt the pregnant pit bull not only saved her and her puppies but also brought immense joy and love into their lives. Their story is a beautiful reminder of the unexpected rewards that can come from opening one’s home and heart to animals in need.

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