Elderly Dog Melts Hearts Of Millions While She Adorably Greeting Her Senior Friend

People’s hearts all over the world have been melted by an adorable video of an eleven-year-old golden retriever greeting her elderly neighbor. The dog’s owner’s attention was caught by the bond between Richard, the old man and Maisy and decided to caught it in videos and share them on TikTok.

One of the videos went very viral getting more than 1 million views with thousands of likes and comments. You can see in the video Maisy wagging her tail in excitement after seeing her 90-year-old friend. In the end of the video, you can see that Richard is very happy to see Maisy who goes over for a cuddle.

Golden Retrievers are ranked third in the most popular dog breeds in America in 2021, which means that people love having this breed. How adorable Maisy is! Watch the video below.

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Richard walks from the retirement community around my block and my dog loves him. Here they are saying hello to each other this morning.

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