Driver Saved Thirsty And Dehydrated Maned Wolf Who Collapses Under His Truck

Seeing a vulnerable rare animal in front of you is something marvelous for people who love animals, some people may keep going without giving any attention as they feared of animals, but some others may grab a phone or a camera to take some pictured as a remembrance!

That is what a Brazilian trucker, Milton Rodrigues, did when he saw a maned wolf in front of him on the road.

Immediately, Rodrigues stopped to take some pictures with this magnificent wolf, but he was surprised because the wolf totter forward and fall underneath his truck.

It was likely that this maned wolf had become exhausted and dehydrated due to the high temperature which was reaching 104°F. so he stops to help the wolf, pouring some water into his mouth, at least the wolf happily stands up.

Watch the video below.

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