Dog Tries To Stop His Rodent Sibling From Digging A Hole, But Keeps Failing

Without question, Louie Gucci is the pinnacle of escape artists within prairie dog culture. Refusing to remain confined in his lavish and opulent enclosure, every other day he utilizes the doggie door to explore beyond its bounds with a mission only one’s as determined as him can comprehend: digging holes!

Louie’s mischievous Pit Bull-Labrador mix brother, Darryl, is usually the one to cause the runaway chaos – and these episodes have resulted in some hilariously unforgettable moments! 😂

Source (Screenshot) credit: ViralHog via YouTube


Darryl may be a large and imposing pup, but he is one of the most gentle and docile dogs you could ever meet. It’s no surprise that Louie sees him as nothing more than an unwitting sibling to manipulate rather than any sort of threat.

He either kindly encourages him to join in the excavation journey, or callously sends him away with some foul dirt attack.

Source (Screenshot) credit: ViralHog via YouTube


In this video, we witness one of Louie’s mischievous deeds. Darryl kindly attempts to intervene and get him to stop ruining the backyard, yet unfortunately his effort proves fruitless. The bulldog aggressively rebuffs every suggestion from Darryl causing the pup to become scared and retreat in dread each time.

Source (Screenshot) credit: ViralHog via YouTube


Louie doesn’t necessarily delight in ruling his family, but he does detest any disturbances while perfecting his innate burrowing talents! Darryl always respects Louie’s peculiarities and mostly settles for looking after him as he digs the most impressive holes in their yard.

Fortunately for Louie, no matter what happens, Darryl will stay by his side! A relationship between them so unique and compelling. Click the video below to watch this hilarious DYNAMIC duo!

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