Dog Seen Chasing Couple’s Car Ended Up Adopted By Them, He Just Wanted To Find A Home

Have you ever heard about a dog adopted people?! It may seem impossible or weird, but that’s exactly what happened with Jhanery and her boyfriend, who claims and Renato, a dog, adopted them!

This story started when Jhanery and her boyfriend were out in their car, and saw Renato wandering the street. However, when Renato saw them, he felt like they were meant to be his owners, and followed them tirelessly down the street.

Generally, people ignore stray dogs, but Jhanery and her boyfriend just could not do that, and took the dog home with them.

She shared a video of Renato following them, and how they ended up adopting him! She said that an immediate connection was created between them and the dog once they met him.

The video went viral getting hundreds of views, likes and comments as many people found what Jhanery and her boyfriend did was very great. How awesome! Watch the video below.

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