Depressed Dog ‘Reacts’ To Hearing Sister’s Voice On Phone

When a college-bound young adult leaves home, their human family members understand what’s happened; however, explaining the same to an adored pet is often difficult. Cecelia Jia of Richmond Hill is no exception. At 21 years old, she had moved three hours away for school–leaving her two year old Japanese Akita behind without any explanation as to where she was going or when she’d be back.

Artie was left in confusion and sadness by his beloved pack member’s sudden departure. While enrolled at the University of Waterloo, Cecelia decided to record a special message for her dog Artie so that he would not be too lonesome while she was away. She titled it ‘A Special Message from His Big Sister’ and spoke in comforting tones as if nothing had changed between them.


Source (Screenshot) credit: Caters Clips via YouTube


After playing the recording, poor Artie rested his chin on top of the phone and tilted his head inquisitively; it seemed like he understood what she said! Cecelia knew then that her loving gesture helped ease some of the heaviness in both their hearts.


Source (Screenshot) credit: Caters Clips via YouTube


Cecelia recalled that Artie was initially baffled when he heard her voice on the phone, but it quickly dawned on him. It almost seemed as if the pup wanted to reach out and hug his beloved human through the device; thus, placing his head atop of it in an adorable furry embrace. She suspected that perhaps Artie was hoping she would magically appear right then and there!

Click the video below to watch Artie’s reaction!

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