Cop Comes Near By A Box On Side Of The Road And Finds 10-Week-Old Puppy Beside It

When Deputy Earl Hanners received a call about a poor pup dumped on the side of the street in a box in an 87-degree day in Atlanta, Georgia, he was busy with a car crash.

Once she was done with the case, Deputy Hanners went to help the poor animal. When he arrived, the pup was out of the box, but beside it. He even did not let animal control to come telling them that he would take care of the pup.

So, he took the puppy, who was named Bridget, to his home to give her water and food, and let her recover and relax from the heat. He then contacted the veterinarian. Knowing that she was generally fine, he decided to foster her.

Hanners, who fosters and rescues dogs, already has 8 rescue Pugs. The dog was vaccinated and checked over before she was taken home with him.

All the dogs including Bridget are now having a great time with Hanners making a big, cute family. Thanks to the great officer, who has a big heart to save, rescue and even foster dogs regularly. How awesome!

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