Brave Sheep Dog Fights Off 11 Coyotes To Save The Herd

A sheepdog called Casper fought off 11 coyotes to keep his flock of sheep safe and protected. WAGA-TV reported that John Wierwiller’s dog spent approximately 40 minutes while fighting the coyotes! After the brutal fight, the dog went missing for 2 days!

Wierwiller said that everyone was worried about Casper as they found blood and parts of his tail and some other things, which made them be sure that he was hurt. When the dog came back to the farm, his injuries were visible!

So, Wierwiller took him to an animal hospital to be treated. As the bill was expected to be expensive, an organization that is dedicated to end euthanasia of healthy animals, The LifeLine Animal Project, helped raise money.

They launched a page on GoFundMe to raise $15,000, and they have already reached the target, and remaining money will be used for another animal cases that needed help. Watch the video below.

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