Abandoned Cat Found In McDonald’s Parking Lot Jumps Into The Right Car

Alex da Ponte noticed a cat trying to jump into customers’ vehicles while she was in the McDonald’s drive-through along with her boy to get food. After seeing that the cat had a collar on her neck, Alex thought that the cat’s owner would be one of the customers, but when no one picked her up, she was sure that the animal was on her own.

So, she decided to help her as no one wanted, so, picked the cat up. The cat was named Seats by Alex’s son. Once she was safe in the car, she directly made herself at home! She even cuddled with the boy! The cat was so comfortable to the point that she took one of the french fries when the food arrived!

Once the family was home with the cat, Alex did her best to find a foser home for her. Luckily, one of her neighbours directly took her in.

Alex said that she is so happy and glad to rescue Seats, who is now her neighbor! What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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