Woman Sees Wild Animal Sitting On The Top Of Her Neighbor’s Vehicle

Everyone knows that coyotes are able to thrive in environments no matter if there are cars, roads, houses and humans as they very adaptable. But the coyote in this story is one of the most adaptable coyotes in life as it used the latter to its advantage.

Jill Rogers, who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, was driving her vehicle one day through the neighborhood when she was shocked with what she saw! She saw a wild animal sitting on a vehicle, so, she got a closer look to know that it was a coyote!

It was obvious that the coyote wanted a high ground to get the view he wanted! Rogers just did not want to fear the coyote away despite think that maybe, he was looking for a meal. She instead told the people in the neighborhood about him to alert them to keep their pets safe. I think that she did the right thing. Watch the video below.

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