Woman Scoops Out Food As Forsaken Dog Prays It’s For Him

When evacuations started in the Ukraine, many animals were left behind. Rescuers from Love Furry Friends continue to do all they can to save these precious souls. The rescue group received a call about a dog that was left behind. To make matters worse, neighbors explained that he spent his entire life living on a chain in a dirty yard. His dog house was completely falling apart.


Source Screenshot: TheDodo – YouTube


The women with Love Furry Friends race over. As they approach, the sweet dog tried to get to them. He lunges over and over again but the chain is too short. His tail wags like crazy! This is a very friendly pup considering his circumstances.


Source Screenshot: TheDodo – YouTube

The rescuers’ first priority is to feed the dog. You can see his ribs right through his skin! The dog looks on as one of the rescuers prepares the food. He can smell it and cannot take his eyes off the first meal he’s going to have in a long time. He scarfs the food down so quickly. He was so hungry. How heartbreaking!


Source Screenshot: TheDodo – YouTube


This dog’s story is far from over. We are so grateful that Love Furry Friends continues to help animals that so desperately need them. Check out the video below to witness a sad tale turn into a heartwarming story.


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