Weak Neglected Dog ‘Breaks Down In Tears’ When Woman Holds Him

A rescue group saw a post online pleading for help for a dog lying on the roadside. His leg was caught in a trap, and the poor boy was in terrible condition. Once one of the volunteers arrived, she saw the pup had a necrotic leg and couldn’t stand up. She fed him a snack, carried him to the car, and headed to the vet clinic.


The pup, she named Zangar, had lost a substantial amount of blood. Zangar needed surgery to amputate his leg but needed a blood transfusion first. A sweet, generous dog named Tagir became Zangar’s donor. How amazing is that?! Once stable, Zangar was ready for surgery.


The rescuer stayed with him the entire time. While he was in recovery and still asleep, she pet his head to reassure Zangar that he wasn’t alone. It took a few days for Zangar to perk up. Once the vet cleared him, the kind woman took him home.


The road to recovery was long and bumpy, but Zangar always had hope. He was unsure of his surroundings and didn’t trust his mom’s dogs. But with time and lots of love, Zangar came around. His leg healed and he was able to get around on his own.

When you see the pup smiling by the end of the video, your heart will be filled with joy! Thank you to Tagir, the vet staff, and Zangar’s mom for saving his life!

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