Surrendered 20 Year Old Dog Is New Mom’s ‘Forever Valentine’

Senior dog, Elephant, was surrendered by his owners at 18 years old. He lived with them his whole life, but when he got sick, and his health issues overwhelmed them, they dropped him off at a shelter. Thankfully, a rescue group stepped in to give him end-of-life support. When the rescue group met Elephant they were astonished. The dog still had so much light in his eyes and a will to live at his advanced age.



Roslyn offered to take Elephant in, knowing he had been through quite the ordeal. When Elephant moved in with his new mom, he had a host of life-threatening issues. The vet said he only had a few weeks to live. But now, it’s two years later, and Elephant is still going strong!


Elephant had a large tumor in his prostate that metastasized throughout his body. Roslyn had him neutered and put him on a strict regiment of medications, exercise, and nutritious food– and soon all the tumors disappeared. To this day, vets are baffled! Roslyn says, “Instead of declining, he did the complete opposite.” She also added that the old dog, that she adores, is her “forever valentine.” Elephant is one amazing pup you have to meet! To do so, press play on the video below.


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